Im so angry at my boyfriend


Ok so i before i start venting just making it clear i am NOT RACIST I REPEAT NOT RACIST AT ALL!!! i dont want my post taken the wrong way!

Ok so i been with my boyfriend for 2yrs he does not have Facebook or anything so he decided to make hes dad one a couple of days ago and today he left hes phone in my car i know i was wrong for going thru it but something just made me i go thru hes face book and there in the search button was hes baby mama name i know it wasn't hes dad because he doesn't know how to use it that much but what gots me really mad is that a couple of days ago i see he looked up porn video s of 'black p***y' keep in mind is baby mama is dark skind and the only dark skin hes been with. I just cant help and feel disrespect i feel like hem looking her up then seeing thos videos like he misses her or something im i wrong for being so mad about it??? Im i overreacting?? I also feel like he just not into me nomore he never wants to have sex with me when i try to get hem turned on he shuts me down then i see this, i just feel so on wanted.. I am 10 weeks pregnant by hem so idk what to do 😔