Yeah I get it, I'm fat


so, this is my 5th pregnancy (one ectopic). I have always gotten to "whale status). my 3 kids were 8'14, 9'10 and 8'8. so I'm pretty used to the 'omg, you're huge" comments. I usually let it roll off my shoulders because I have more important things to be hormonal about, lile my kids eating the last of my fruit loops. but when I get comment after comment, back to back, it gets a little annoying. I'm 33 weeks now and was 32 in the picture. I honestly don't think I'm THAT big. I mean, my mom tells me all the time she doesn't know how I'm gonna make it another 6 weeks (c section) and her comments don't bother me at all, bit if I didn't come out your V-hole, then ya need to back TF off. phew I feel better lol