Can my mom take me to court if I put my baby up for adoption

My mom said if I was going to put my baby up for adoption then she’d take me to court. She said she wouldn’t want some random people taking care of her grandchild. She claims it’s because people can do bad things to the child. Well that can still happen with family too. I’m not understanding her logic there.

I’m not giving my baby up ,but she was talking about adoption. It was just weird why she said it of how she’ll take care of the baby and put him in daycare. The thing is I feel I wouldn’t get my baby back if she did offer to care for him while I worked and saved for an apartment. I feel like she would try to say I’m mentally unstable to be caring for a baby.

I’m just asking cause the whole conversation threw me off.


I don’t want to put my baby up for adoption. My mom just randomly brought up the topic. I’m definitely keeping my baby. I was just asking if she could take me to court if I had went through with adoption. I could never do that to my baby I love him and can’t wait for him to be born.