Baby waking screaming/sobbing


I’ve noticed her doing this on and off since birth but I don’t understand what causes it - I’ve been trying to keep an eye on any patterns but it seems totally random, ie the time of day, where the sleep/nap is, whether she’s swaddled or not, how long it’s been etc

About 30 mins ago my daughter was napping on her baby bean bag. She was sound asleep but within a split second she flung her arms out, her eyes widened in shock and she started gasping/sobbing hysterically. This is the only time I see her cry this hard - the only way I can describe it is like she’s absolutely terrified the first few gasps are almost like someone having a full blown panic attack.

I keep getting upset now when it happens because its so terrifying and heart-wrenching to watch - she going from being asleep and content to inconsolable in less than 5 seconds, no warning or build up and even picking her up/soothing her can take about 5 minutes to calm her down.

I doubt she’s the only baby to do this but what on earth is it?? 😢