Sick baby or I lost my shit?

Nicki • 👶🏼

Yesterday I was convinced baby sounded sick and was wheezing. We had a routine 2 week check up and she said he was fine. We go to a family doctor but Monday we’re switching to a pediatrician. Today he felt warm. Took his temp in the ear. 99.5, took it 3 more times 99.0, 99.3, and then 99.1. Took mine 99.5. Took mine with the arm pit temp to check for accuracy, and it said 99.3 so mine wasn’t off much. Checked his temp again 99.6. Within the past hour he started to gag 3 different times and nothing came out. Absolutely terrifying. Am I being dramatic or is it possible that he is sick and I should bring him in? My husband of course is at work today.