Very odd behavior?


I'm sure skipping naps is a common thing, but for my son it like never happens haha. Today he is behaving so weird! He skipped his morning nap, and now we're trying to get him down for his second nap and he's doing the same thing he did this morning.. he lays down, looks like he's asleep on the monitor, then after about a minute he lifts his head up and whimpers, and falls back down. He's been doing this for 20 mins and he doesn't appear to be asleep. He just keeps lifting up his head and whining/crying and then laying back down. We gave motrin but wtf?? There's no way he can skip 2 naps and survive the day 😬 I don't think he's asleep because he keeps lifting his head back up every 30 seconds or so. What could be wrong?