First time pt2


So we get into my bedroom and he sits on the bed. I turn on the tv and put some music on just in case anybody gets home.

I sit on the bed next to him and he places a hand on my thigh. I immediately feel a shiver run through my spine. I shuffle up close and he places an arm around me. He pulls me in tight and starts kissing my forehead. He then puts a hand on my chin and lifts my head so that he can kiss me lips. We start making out.

After making out for 5 minutes he pulls me on top of him so I’m sitting on his lap with my legs either side. I can feel his hard dick against my thigh. I shift position so that his dick is rubbing over my pants. He squeezes my ass.

Then he slips his hand down my pants and rubs my clit, I immediately get wet. He then shoved a finger up me, and then another. A moan slips out from my mouth. I’m soaking wet at this point.

He smiles at me and goes ‘you like that?’

‘Fuck yes’ I reply.

I carry on moaning, it gets more and more intense.

‘Fuck me’ I scream mid-moaning.

‘Sure’ he replies.

Pt3 coming soon