Could I be pregnant???

(87 days late) had spotting in October only for 3 days only when I wiped was baby pink not a flow or anything never had that before but then after that period still never came ??? no I don’t have pcos I went doctors and had test done came back all normal had blood test for pregnancy like over a month ago came back negative?! Also had blood test to check for hormone levels all came back normal even got checked for cervical cancer everything you name it I’ve been tested for it. ! I’m thinking should I take a pregnancy test now maybe will come back positive? Only thing I used before I got late on my period was “ pree seed” ..!!! Me and my husband was having lots of unprotected sex, I’m not on birth control either , I’ve not been stressed ! I have extreme tierd ness and extreme hunger and some cramps that come and go And nausea ?? And bad gas & constipated. I’ve never been this late before ? Should I take a test now??

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