How do you get your baby in the crib? 😩


Guys. How. In the heck. Do you get your baby in the crib?!

She’s been cosleeping with us since birth. She takes naps in her pack n play. She’s 5 months old and I want to spend the next few weeks transitioning her into her crib overnight (I’m hoping to God this will reduce wakeups. We’re still up SO frequently).

Every time i try to lay her down, she startles and starts crying. Pick her up. She passes out. Try to lay down. Cry. Repeat.

She’s obviously too old to swaddle. The difference between the crib and her pack n play is that the pack n play is lower so i can bend farther down and she’s not free falling as I lay her, so she doesn’t wake. I’m short, and the crib is tall, so I can’t do that as well. 😅

Any super secret tips from you experienced mamas, particularly those who transitioned to the crib around this age?! Heeeeelp!

Thank you!!!!!