Will my 2 year old ever like me? 😢

Ever since my son was able to talk he always has preferred my mom over me (her, my son, and myself live together and he’s here part time). He won’t even let me do simple things like change his diaper if she’s around. He tells me to go away and that he doesn’t want my help. He only cuddles with her, goes to her when he’s hurt/sick, asks for her when he’s at his dads, wakes up and looks for her, and overall acts like she’s his mom.

Now I appreciate all of the help she’s given me since he was born but some days (like today) his rejection gets the best of me. I feel like he doesn’t love me and like ill never be enough. It makes me doubt my abilities to be that caring and loving mom.

My mom just doesn’t understand and thinks I want her to go away and not be around at all.

I don’t know what to do.... I just want my son to want me 😢. The first and only time he’s ever came to cuddle with me was when she wasn’t here and he had strep.... and that was literally one 3 minute cuddle session, I timed it.

Any words of encouragement? I feel so broken by this.