Poor baby

Jody • 1 mc, 7yrs TTC, 👦 💙, TTC currently

My poor baby has something in his lungs, he is all crackely and has a terrible cough that’s making him wake up. Last night he projectile vomited all over me as soon as I picked him up at 2am and let’s just say it was a very rough night. Today I hardly got any work done (I work from home) cause he just wanted to be held and screamed cause he just feels so bad. My apartment is all wet and sticky now because of the humidifiers but atleast it didn’t seem to get worse today. I’m so exhausted and my husband is on a night shift tonight so it’s just us (he did hold the baby for about 10 minutes whole I cleaned myself up and the floor but only after I changed the babies clothes, but that was huge given the moment) I’m praying he does better tonight and he just feels better soon. Life sure is different with a baby i had plans to do a craft day tomorrow with friends and was just going to bring him but now that’s out and we are stuck at home, I love working from home and being able to be with him but come the weekend I just need to get out a little lol 😂 I love being a mom don’t get me wrong it’s just different than even being pregnant lol but this is better for sure.