Would u break up with ur boyfriend?

I tested my boyfriend to see if her loyal because he asked my friend if she wanted to smoke with him. She asked with ___my name right? And he said wym? And she was like is it just me and u? And he’s like yeah we can smoke Sunday. She shouldn’t get mad we’re just going to smoke if she gets mad then it’s on her. I always smoke with girls that are my friends. Then my friends like ok u don’t want ____my name to come? And he’s like she’s been acting weird to me and she gets mad at everything then my friends like ok and I then posted on my Snapchat (I’m happy I found out early) as in I’m happy I found out about ur ways and ur a play boy early before I got too attached. He saw it and didn’t say anything and he texted my friend saying ‘I feel like u telling her everything’ and she said I’m not and he left her on open. Would u cut him off and break up with him? He wants to smoke with ur BEST FRIEND without telling u and without u being there and just them alone . Does he not care or love me at all? Hes 20 I’m 18

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