Am I overreacting?!? - Please share ur thoughts

I was with my boyfriend today and I jokingly said I’d go through his phone (I wouldn’t, since I trust him) and then he leaps to go grab his phone and stuff and he was just staring at his screen kinda thinking so I quickly grabbed it and he was deleting a chat with a girl and he grabbed it back and deleted it, it was like a 3 second moment so it happened fast but I was thinking what the hell? And he said he should of let me read it and what not because it was literally nothing to worry about, and he wanted to delete it because he knew I would get the wrong idea if I saw the chat but he also said he knows it looks bad that he just deleted it and whatnot, but I started to feel insecure and started overthinking what was said & done etc. When I got home being the over thinker I am I went FBI mode and tried finding the girl, ended up finding her pretty sure and she was gorgeous as ever and he had commented on her recent post nothing risky or a compliment just agreeing with what she captioned (however he is a friendly confident guy). We kinda talked about it and he said he’s sorry and it was a dumb move to do and he just panicked but I feel set back in my trust now because of this & had a mini breakdown back at home because idk why 😂 What do you guys think about this? And am I overthinking what happened?