Fuck buddy advice ..

So I had sex with this dude twice and I guess it was understood that we were gonna be fuck buddies. He was saying how he doesn’t want me to catch feelings & how he’s had that happen before but then after sex he wants to cuddle, tells me he likes me, and how he doesn’t want me to think that all he wants is sex from me. There was a situation with my ex that caused us not to talk for a few days. But then we met back up we cuddled and he asked if I missed him and how he thought about me a little. We had sex.. he still texts other girls while I’m there. Then when I’m getting ready to leave he’s always like why do you leave so soon but I try to keep the visits short. I’m not sure what to make of it. I try to be kind of cold towards him because I don’t want to catch feelings but it’s hard to read him when he does or says certain things.