Paci is driving me mad!

My baby has a paci to go to sleep and he won’t sleep without it - problem is - he just can’t keep it in then cries because he wants it back!!

He will go into his crib soo well, straight to sleep for 10-15 mins but the second the paci pops out it’s game over he just cries and cries unless we put it back. Once he’s asleep though he just spits it out and I don’t know if he wakes in the night but he must be self soothing if he does because he will sleep 6-8 hours without a peep.

I just spent 1.5 hours popping it back in every couple of minutes 😩

Any tips on how I can get him to sleep without the paci I really regret introducing it but I only did because he kept falling to sleep at the breast and comfort sucking.

I’m dreading when sleep regression starts because I just know every time he wakes when the sleep changes it’s going to be a game to get him back to sleep each time which is going to set him up for over-tired days.