READ FIRST did he lose interest?

So please tell me if I’m overreacting, I’m open to knowing when I’m wrong or when I make a mistake.

I also acknowledge that sometimes people just aren’t in the mood and am completely fine if he isn’t. He’ll tell me and that is that.

We. Both. Are. Legal. Adults.

I bought some new lingerie today and took a picture and sent it to my boyfriend (we’ve been together for over a year) he replies with “ooh sexy” but didn’t screenshot it (Snapchat) and he’s been saying stuff like the last few times, one being “cute.” What the fuck? I have sent him pictures (we don’t sext often) but he used to reply with “😍😍😍 “or “you’re so fucking hot babygirl” I told him obviously not and he said because he likes to SAVE the pictures and not screenshot them which is such bullshit. I didnt go off on him or anything but I explained to him that I bought lingerie (like he requested) and he doesn’t even seem to care that much and that I’ll talk to him later or in the morning. Am I overreacting? Or is he losing interest? He used to always love the pictures I sent him. I just don’t understand.

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