Do I have a right to be angry?

So I have a sister in law who is my exact age, she is my husbands brothers wife. And he is only one year younger than my husband. Her and I have grown up going to the same schools, married to 2brothers and have many things in common yet we have no relationship at all because she is always in competition with me for some reason? My husband bought me car, 2 weeks later she got the same thing but the luxury version, I get a phone upgrade, so does she, my husband surprised me with a new wedding set, a month later her husband “surprised” her too, early 2019 I traded in my car for a family car since I had found out I was pregnant with twins, and she had a 2018 when I got my 2019 pilot she went and made her husband trade in there 2018 as soon as the 2020 came out. It’s a lot. Point is, in April I lost my twin girls at 6 months. It was devastating it was our first pregnancy and it took us so long to conceive. She has 2 kids, one who’s almost 3 and another who is 11 months, both she had just a few months after my other sister in law because she can’t handle not being in the spotlight. Anyway, I recently found out I was pregnant again and it was such a shock because we’ve always struggled ttc, we were over the moon happy considering we thought it’d take years again. Well I’m 4 months now, and we announced pretty early, like at 6 weeks. To my “surprise” my sister in law just found out she’s pregnant and she so happens to be 2 months. I’m not stupid, I know that yet again she did it on purpose. Everyone knows why it was done. She had the baby out of envy not live and that’s never ok. I’m so upset and I just want to tell her something or my husband talk to his brother, but in all reality do I even have that right? Or is it just my grieving sensitive heart that makes me feel like this way?

I’ve always been kind to her no matter what she’s done, I always keep my thoughts to myself but this time I feel like she crossed the line.

I just wish she could have let us have this moment with our rainbow baby instead of always taking the spotlight.