Hubby pissed cuz no BJ’s

Long story short kinda, the other night I got the kids to bed and went to lay down myself since it was 11:15pm my husband was still awake drinking and watching sports well about 10 minutes after I laid down he text me about giving him a BJ with a condom so he could finish and he would go again in me I text him back no cuz I know the second round will never happen cuz EVERY time he’s drunk and says that it NEVER happens he can’t keep a boner after it and I was already tired but he was pushing it saying “oh yea I can it’s been a long time” it’s was only 8 days since we last had sex and he’s gone longer almost a month before and never said anything but I told him it’s only been 8 days so it hasn’t been that long and I told him I knew it wouldn’t happen I would be once again let down without getting any pleasure like always and he then just got all pissy saying I’m ungrateful and don’t care how much he works and that just trying to get me to feel back for him like he’s been trying ever since he switched jobs and realized it ain’t as perfect as he thought it was, well I was joking about what my New Years resolution is and said “No oral sex til I get some” it’s been YEARS since he’s gone down on me and me not having to go down on him, he thinks I should give him oral no matter what cuz he’s the working man in the house and that, well that pissed him off so much that he started saying how mean I am on not wanting to pleasure him and all that but I keep telling him oral sex it a 2 way street and I’m sick and tired of it only bring me giving and not getting and his response to that was “it’s way to much work” like really you think giving a BJ isn’t!! Well he’s drinking again tonight so we will see if he thinks I’m just going to give in Ana do it cuz I’m not I’m sick and being treating like nothing.