Lying friend


I have a friend who literally just lies about the stupidest things. I only picked up on it because her partner broke up with her (and got back together) about 3 times last year, after she had lied about things to him.

She tells me silly things like “I’m friends with p Diddy” and she “spent New Years with drake”. It’s super annoying because she’s such a good friend to have, but I get frustrated easily and feel like I can’t spend time with her anymore because I literally don’t know what to believe anymore.

I haven’t so much caught her out, but I’ve said things like “oh it’s a shame you didn’t get photos with them before you left the states” and she says “yeah we weren’t allowed photos”.

I know they’re not that big of deal but I just can’t stand it, there’s just no need to lie. It’s not as if she’s trying to measure up, because I live w pretty standard life- not much excitement- no famous people.

She says whenever her boyfriend catches her out lying, her anxiety and depression comes back and she gets all emotional.

Any ideas on what to say to her without affecting her emotions? I’m not gonna be rude, but I think she will take it to heart and I don’t want her to be upset.