TTC Pcos


Hi ladies,

My husband and I have been 'not preventing' since we got married in April, we arent using any specific drugs. I do ovulate every month but my cycle is about 5 weeks long. I guess when we started trying or not preventing we had the attitude it would just happen when it happens but also thinking it wouldn't take very long- I know a little wishful thinking.

All our friends seem to have no trouble- I think if they just sit together they happen to conceive 🤣 I find myself getting jealous our time has not come yet. I'm turning 33 soon and I am starting to wonder if I am getting too old! Yes I know it is still relatively young but after reading all the struggles others have with pcos I feel maybe we should have started 10 years ago.

I wondered if anyone had any tips or got pregnant naturally without pumping your body full of drugs. Did you make lifestyle changes? I read conflicting information about opk some say they are great others say they give false positives with pcos.

Any success stories would be wonderful