Boy Mama's!! Haven't posted here in awhile..

My son is now 14 months old, walking and running all over, eating all kinds of foods, just thriving!!! I love him so much!!! but I just have questions for moms with more then one boy, if it's normal or if I should worry and tips on how to go about them as my two older kids are girls, so this is my first boy and baby in awhile, so you can imagine how out of experience I must feel and I know I shouldn't compare my kids milestones, but my son hasn't said any words yet, he does say baba or mama, but that's it, he doesn't try or pay attention to me when I try teach him other words, also he is always playing with his wee-wee, he sometimes just takes of his pamper and lays there, or even falls asleep like that, and the taking off his pamper thing is getting out of control, he takes it off when I'm asleep and pees on the bed or sometimes the floor, so I'm washing blankets almost every night, and when he gets frustrated or mad or sad or when someone says no to him he will bang his head on the floor or try make himself cry somehow, I really need help dealing with these phases, as I'm expecting another baby girl in 4 months and will be just me and our two babies at home during mat leave soon, and hubby will be working alot, I feel embarssed to ask but here I am, asking for tips on how to deal with a boy! Lol