Over a week late


Hello, my period was due December 28th. I tested December 29th and got a negative. Waited another week and this morning got another negative from two different tests. I'm on cycle day 39. My cycle is usually right around 30 days give or take a day. The longest my cycle has been in the past year was 36 days. I don't feel like I've been more stressed than usual and usually on cycles when I am stressed my period comes early. I haven't felt any symptoms of either my period coming or early pregnancy. The only things different are a couple weeks ago I had a couple spells of lightheadness and dizziness. A couple days ago I had twinges but I wouldn't say cramps but they have since subsided. Just wondering what other people's thoughts were and how long until I should call the doctor. We have been ttc for three years so this is incredibly frustrating not knowing either way. Is it possible I could be pregnant and then go on to have a healthy pregnancy? I'm sure I'm not but the doctor always told me you're not out until your period comes.

Thanks so much!

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