Does this sound fishy?

So I have a boyfriend, we’ve been together for a few months.

Just a little backstory on my past, I was in a really long relationship with my previous boyfriend and he ended up cheating on me in the worst way and completely broke me. It took me a while to build up trust with people again, and then I met my current SO but I still have a little worry on the inside that I’m gonna get cheated on and hurt again. I don’t express it though because Ik it’s just me overthinking.

Well anyways back to the present. My SO works at Taco Bell. I saw him yesterday and he said he’s hanging out with his coworker on Monday, his day off. Now I’ve never met the girl but I always see him texting her. I’m not gonna control him, he can be friends with whoever he wants. He has a lot of female friends, but he never hangs out with them outside of work or social media. They’re hanging out alone at his house. Which he doesn’t really hangout with friends at his house ever. I’m really the only person he likes going over there. It sounds weird to me because it’s out of the norm for him. He also said he’s changing his work schedule completely to late nights (7-2am) because that’s when her and his fav manager work. Which cuts in on the time we get to see each other because I have a regular day job. We already haven’t been seeing each other a lot because of work. Maybe once a week if that. Now it’ll be even less.

We met at a different job, started hanging out and then got together. He’s poly so he’s open to having more than one partner sexually or relationship wise. I’m not. I prefer to have one partner and be committed to them and only them. And receive the same. I told him before we got into a relationship that I don’t wanna be in a relationship with multiple partners and no commitment to me. That’s just not how I role. He said he was completely fine with that and wanted to be committed to me, wasn’t looking for anyone else.

So idk the whole situation sounds fishy that he changed his schedule to see her more and is hanging out with her by themselves at his house all day when that’s not the norm. I trust him but I feel like she might try and start something with him. And I’m worried that he doesn’t want to be in a monogamous relationship anymore, that I’m not enough and he wants more. But since he knows I don’t like that, I’m worried he might cheat especially if she starts something. It’s giving me flashbacks to my previous relationship because it’s a similar situation.

Idk does it sound fishy or am I overthinking it?