Ok so I’m dating this guy. I work from 9am-6 pm on weekdays. And he works from 6- 10 pm on the weekdays so obviously we can’t hang out till 10 at night during weekdays. He also does ubereats on the side. But on the weekends we are both off.. I notice on the weekends he kind of just happens that we don’t hang out till 6pm. which is not that late but it’s not that early either. I never asked him to hang out at an earlier time so I’m not sure if he’ll even have a problem with it. I don’t mind hanging out that time cuz In the morning I like to relax and get stuff done but I just want to know if you guys think that’s a red flag or 6pm a good time to hang out and not booty call hours lol.i forgot to mention he text or me around 4 asking to hang out and I’ll ask him what time and he’ll say like 5 pm

Or 6pm or sometimes he’ll text me around 4 and ask me what times works best for me and I’ll say like 530 (because I need time to get ready) .so obviously I won’t get there till like 6.

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