Gender experts guessed my gender- WRONG? 🤔 *GENDER UPDATE*


Ok so first of all I would like to say I did this for FUN. I don’t actually believe in the results, I just thought it would be a little “Haha” thing to do, to see in the future if these theories ended up being right.

BUT, I’m pretty sure they messed up if I’m understanding this theory right. On the website it lets you add up to 3 scans, when your filling out the form you have to check in a box what type of scan it is. Since the first scan I uploaded was an abdominal scan, I checked the abdominal box. I then added the other two ultrasounds and in the notes made it clear that scans #2,3 are actually transvaginal ultrasounds and not abdominal. I wanted to attach all my ultrasounds because I didn’t know what scan would be better for them to use. Well if I’m not mistaken transvaginal ultrasounds are not transverse so my placenta located on the left side according to the gender experts would actually mean that its a girl according to the Ramzi theory and not a boy like they predicted. I emailed them to re-evaluate my ultrasound. I’ll keep you guys updated. What do you guys think? 💖💙


It’s a GIRL 😭💕🎀✨