Horrible pain when nursing

Y • Mother of a 1 y/o girl, and expecting baby #2 😍 Boston MA ❄️

My daughter just turn 4 months. I have been breastfeeding her and bottle feeding her as well, however for the past 3 weeks or so i cannot handle breastfeeding for more than 5 min in each breast, it almost feel like shes pinching my nipples idk tbh the pain is horrible... even after nursing my nipples hurt when i rub them or when im holding my baby. I have never experienced this before. As a matter of fact i LOVED breastfeeding. But this pain is too much😭😭 ... I dont know if this has anything to do it with it but i also believe she is teething because she has been drooling a lot since 3 months or so. Also she wants to put everything in her mouth specially her fingers and she has been crankier than usual. Again im not sure, FTM here.