Am I wrong?

My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year. I really love him and before I met him I was in a seriously abusive relationship in which my ex cheated on me multiple times. This semester of college he ended up taking classes with a female friend of ours. We have had issues in the past where he’s non commutative with me and that he basically doesn’t make any time for us to spend together while I juggle 2 jobs and still be a full time student and I still make time for him. Well back again to the friend of ours. They have never been close before due to the fact she’s also dating someone on our friend group. Well now that they go to the same classes, I’ve caught them acting all buddy buddy and my boyfriend is even giving her rides to class and home. He’s Even told me he worries that our other guy friend will take it the wrong way. I have gotten very jealous to the point I’m even hurt. Example is he gets out a hour earlier than her from one class on a different part of campus and I get out around the same time as him but he chooses to stay and wait for her to give her a ride back to main campus. I just found out today he didn’t he have a class at that time as I had assumed. I’m honestly hurt and feel like an idiot for being jealous.

What do I do????