Help? Makeup tips for deep-set small eyes (not much eyelids) ?!

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Hey beauty gurus,

I have deep-set eyes with not a lot of eyelids 😂 and a lot of the makeup tips & stuff I see on insta i can’t really pull off because my eyelids are too small & really wrinkled in the corners so most eyeliner styles don’t work for me because the corners of my eyes fold over the lines...

does anyone have any tips that can work for people with deep set eyes and not much eyelid space?!

Here’s my eyes 👀 half the time my eyelids look pretty normal like in the first pic - but still no space in the corners for winged eyeliner! -

and then half the time they are all folded over like the 2nd pic!! I wonder if it’s cos I’m old or tired but they have always done this since I was a kid...

anyway thanks in advance for any tips!!