Advice needed

I’ll keep this short. My mother and I have had the classic, toxic relationship that has caused us to pretty much despise each other. At 24 I became pregnant and hid from her the best I could (still living in the same city), but when my son was born something came over me that I WANTED her to meet my miracle. So she did and things seemed actually pretty good and I (well my husband and I) have gone through financial hardships and she’s been there to help because she makes six figures and could afford it.

Now fast forward three years, things between me and her suck again. We hate being around each other.

I’m having another baby in ten days but this time, I’m living 7 hours away and I DONT want her there! Just found out- She’s secretly planning a trip to drive up for four days and visit without asking me first.

We don’t want her around, she’s been involved with this pregnancy but NEVER has asked how I feel or how my doc appts go, & she’s nothing but toxic and cruel. I don’t know how to mention it without her freaking out and throwing in my face that she’s helped me a lot financially the last three years etc.

what would you do?