Baby prefers grandparents


my baby is one and a month old and she is with me most days and with her grandparents 2 days out of the week when my significant other and i work the same days. sometimes i let her sleep there or sometimes i pick her up after work. she loves her grandparents and when I'm around she forgets about me and wants nothing to do with me lol. I think it's cute but it has become annoying because my mom likes to rub it in my face, and say shit like wow she prefers me over you, she doesnt even like you when shes with me blahs blahs. they like to spoil her and let her get away with alot of stuff which upsets me because I tell them to discipline the way I do when she is home with her dad and I. there are times when she will do things she isnt supposed to, and I will scold her just like of she were at home and my stepdad always says, you do this and that and yell at her which is why she never follows you. everytime I try to discipline her at my moms, they get in the way and start babying her and whatnot. I dont mind her following them and loving them, especially since she doesnt see them as often as she sees me, but what gets me upset is the shit talking and remarks. how can I handle this?