Gender reveal party question? Help!!

Sarah • WRS 07.10.2020 💙 EES 08.17.2022 💖

Hey ladies! So we are finding out the gender sometime mid March. I’ve always dreamed of doing a fun gender reveal but we don’t have the money to have a party at a place or something. Our apartment is not large so I can’t see fitting more than 15-20 people and even then that’s a stretch. If we invite ONLY our immediate family it’s 20 people already and that’s no friends. Ideally I’d like to have about 25 people.

My problem is that on Long Island (NY) it is still pretty chilly in March/early April. We’re talking 45-55 degrees. Do you:

1) think I should forget the idea of having a “party” all together

2) think I should try to squeeze the guests into our apartment since it will be chilly outside

3) have a sort of half outside half inside get together

Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you!

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