Weight gain since birth!!

Suzanne • One ☀️ baby👧🏻2/14/17, one Angel 👼🏼Oct 2018, one🌈👶🏻 11/21/19 All conceived via IUI

I lost a considerable amount of weight after Baby was born, like it was flyinggggg off of me!! I was so happy and feeling great about myself because when I got pregnant I was at my lowest adult weight ever and was eager to get it off again because I used to be 135lbs almost 140lbs heavier at my heaviest. I’ve gained like 15lbs back from eating more due to milk production. What bothers me is that I’m having to supplement anyways because I can’t make enough for her. I’m tryin one last thing to try and up the supply and after that i think I’m going to let it fizzle out.

This happened with my first baby too but I was hoping that with the tremendous amount that came off right away I was hoping it wouldn’t happen. Anyone else with me??? I feel so yucky and uncomfortable in my own skin 😭