Confused!!! What did you experienced before BFP?


Hey gals!

So I ovulated on the 14th, had ew cm and everything.

Then to my surprise, about a week later had snot like cm (sorry tmi) that had a little yellow to it.

Usually after O I’m very dry down there but I’ve been having ALOT of watery cm to the point where I thought AF was there.

Now I’m 3 days late, lotiony cm, CRAZY lower backache, little pinches in the uterus, REALLY sensitive nipples (they never are), hungry and tired all the time, frequent urination but when I did a HPT last week, BFN!!!

Maybe I wasn’t producing enough HcG at the time for it to show up?

I’m just really confused, always had AF like clockwork.

What was your symptoms when you had a BFP?