Mirena/IUD users: sex with or without condom?

I'm going to get a Mirena.

I'm also about to have sex for the first time.

So I'm wondering if it's too much or silly to still use condoms when I have sex, even with my Mirena.

(With long-term boyfriend, both std free)

What do you ladies do?

I am really paranoid about pregnancy. I am still studying. Not a good time.

For a long time I wanted to wait for marriage, and joked about abstinence being the only 100% reliable birth control.

But now I'm paranoid. And even once I have the Mirena, I want to use condoms.

Is that ridiculous? Or is it justifiable?

No BC method is perfect. Mirena is super reliable but like what if I'm an unlucky one?!

My thinking is that I might be unlucky with one, eg a condom fail O Mirena, but if one fails, the other is unlikely to. I will have back up protection.

But am I just being ridiculous?

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