BFP BBT chart and other TTC info


I’m sharing this after getting my bfp yesterday. I’m including the info that I found myself searching for while TTC, in hopes that it will be helpful to others!

-I’m 32 and have been TTC our first since June 2019 (bfp Jan 26) after getting my IUD removed

-I have not had noticeable EWCM while TTC.

-started using fertilaid to help with EWCM and did not notice a difference. Instead my cycles were extended by about 10 days and were unpredictable for me. I quit using fertilaid after 2 cycles, and my cycle immediately returned to 28 days (was closer to 32 before)

-I drank grapefruit juice like crazy and didn’t notice a difference with CM.

-I tried preseed, but as my husband was not on board with my extra efforts, I only used it a couple of times because it was difficult to time the application/insertion with BD.

-I charted bbt for 4 months before bfp. For 2 of the cycles realizing our timing was wrong, which put me at ease that it wasn’t necessary something biologically “wrong.”

- purchased a quieter bbt thermometer with a backlight which made temping SO much easier!

-attached are my bbt charts for my past 2 cycles, one bfn and my bfp!

Bfn (first cycle after coming off fertilaid, BD timing was off)

Bfp (with ovulation highlighted)

And for fun, my bfp announcement to my husband (we both attended University of Colorado and are still big fans)

Hope this helps!