Optometrist or Pedatrician?

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Hi mommas! Curious of where I should look at going! A few months ago my husband said he noticed our oldest eyes looking a little funny. I looked and didn’t see anything abnormal. Wrote it off as him being crazy and wasn’t worried cuz she was acting fine, not sick, hadn’t been injured or anything. Well yesterday I finally saw what he was talking about and got a picture. It’s not in just any light conditions, it’s just certain times. I don’t worry about her vision because she knows her colors, letters, numbers, and has even been starting to read some first words. She’s 3.5!

I want to get her checked out obviously now that I’ve seen how drastic it is. Dr Google says it’s probably nothing to worry about and I’m hoping so but if it’s not nothing then it’s something big. 😳

So my question is should I go to the peids or optometrist??

Here’s a pic! See how her pupils are different sizes??

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