What do I do... HELP

Kaylee • null

Okay.. i’m 16 years old i’ve got almost everything going for me and i’m stuck on my ex.

We broke up maybe 10 months ago after dating for 2 years (it wasn’t mutual.. we wanted to be together but my parents had different plans due to him being very distant and acting super weird) we went through the normal break up stuff. Then all of a sudden there’s this other girl.. I was devastated because it was like i had never existed to him... he (he’s 16 to btw) was there and then poof he’s taking this other brunette to prom and they’re taking pictures together.. they looked happy together, like we used to.

A couple weeks went by and he eventually ended things with her and she actually dmed me on instagram asking if i would talk to him.. at the time i was grieving and bitter so i called him and he confessed that he “still loved me” and how she was just a rebound. i’ll never forget the feeling of my stomach dropping and the relief of hearing his voice... but then we lost contact again (due to it being summer we didn’t see each other just a whole bunch) June rolled around and the girl ended up texting me again telling me about how he had gotten into a whole lot of mess and how they had sex.. she told me he was changing. I didn’t want to believe her but to make a long story short we started school in August and since then he’s acted like he’s never cared for me... He will stare and watch me... keep up with what i’m doing and who i’m with.. but he acts so heartless to me. it’s really like he tries to hurt me... i’ve had people tell me he’s just playing hard and that he’s a waste of time.. i’m so tired of him and i just want to forget him but, at the same time i just want him... i’m so torn...