Bi, straight or lesbian?!

I’m starting to think I’m a lesbian. I’ve always been attracted to girls but never admitted to myself I liked them more like I want to be like her or I wish I had her body or etc. I am attracted to men too but women turn me on more than men do. I’ve had sex with few guys and couple girls too but having sex with a girl was 100x more fun. I haven’t had great sex w a guy since the first guy I dated, it could be because we had a strong connection that made the sex feel real good? Idk I’m so confused I really like girls, I just never thought I could be in a relationship with one mainly because of how religious and old fashion my family is. But I am finding myself wanting and craving a relationship a real relationship with a woman. I’m not seeking for answers I guess I’m just venting during this really confusing time for me.