Another baby!?


Guys, I think I may be pregnant again!

I’m freaking out pretty badly and need advice

Googled back to back pregnancies and that just scared the shit out of me !

I already had an early baby with preeclampsia

I tried to get my tubes tied but they wouldn’t let me being 26.

Saying I could want another.

This would be my fourth baby and I would love him or her soooo dearly but I am so damn scared!

I have a 9 year old amazingly helpful daughter, a 5 year old sassy boy , and a 4 month old baby boy who smiles bring me so much delight!

I LOVE children so it’s nothing like that.

I’m just scared

And if you ask, no I wasn’t on birth control. I found out I can’t take estrogen based birth control (which is almost everything except an IUD)

So I was out of options. Pull out and condone while tracking BBT to see if I was ovulating.

So that’s why I wanted my tubes snipped but I guess that’s a no go until you’re 30 here :/