Ok so I go to a women’s health clinic where they offer prenatal care. Everything has been great until recently.

At My anatomy scan they said placenta was blocking my cervix and I’d need a c section. Then baby was measuring small. So they sent me to the hospital I transferred from. I transferred from there because I was treated badly during my last pregnancy. They did a scan and said baby was fine and measuring good and placenta moved. I go back for an appointment at my clinic and they prescribed me medication. I didn’t know what it was for so I never took it. Next appointment I ask what it was and they said for a uti. Like thanx for telling me two weeks later. I go back yesterday and ask doctor if I can be induced before 38 weeks because whenever I go past that mark my children end up in the NICU from meconium aspiration. They poop in me during labor and inhale it. She said no because they’re not allowed to induce before 39 weeks. Umm ok but this is a health hazard. Me and baby could die. Then they tell me they’re worried about baby’s weight cuz I smoke. B s. I barely smoke. Like 4 cigarettes a day because I’m trying to quit before baby’s born. It’s been hard but I cut down a lot. So now I have to get another scan at 34 weeks. I started inserting evening primrose oil in the vagina before bed. Been having mild contractions. I want and need to be induced. I’m having lots of problems during this pregnancy like misaligned hips. Severe nausea and vomiting and now a stomach flu or early labor. Really not sure. Should I fight for the induction? Or let the baby stay in til whenever they feel I’m ready to give birth and take the risk of my baby having to stay in the NICU. This is my fifth baby. I know my body. It’s like these doctor’s and hospitals don’t care about the mother only doing their job. I can barely walk. My youngest now is 2. I’m going thru a separation with hubby and have no help. If baby goes into NICU it will be hard splitting myself up to care for my younger children. Idk what to do. Maybe get an advocate. Idk. I’m scared something will happen to my baby because the clinic I go to doesn’t know what they’re doing and I can’t transfer again so late in pregnancy. I really wouldn’t know where to go. I’m like maybe induce myself and have a home birth but what if I hemorrhage? Like I did with my first? So lost and confused.