Anxiety over baby name.

We’ve been trying for a baby for 4.5 years now. We haven’t been shy about the name we picked for when we do/did get pregnant: Aurora “Rory” Isabella (honors my sister and we picked the name in 2015 when we started trying). Well, guess who is finally pregnant? Me! (Due Early Sept) 🎉

Now my husband’s brother’s new wife just had their baby TODAY and named her “Aurora Sibella”.. no family connection to the name, no prior conversation about it, it just “came to them out of the blue” and goes great with our last name”... family and friends are fawning over the name and I’m fuming.

Although we’ve just been striving for a healthy pregnancy after 3 miscarriages I now kind of want to have a boy just to avoid the drama. I feel awful wishing for a certain gender when we’ve tried to just get pregnant and stay pregnant, it hasn’t been easy. We weren’t finding out the gender until our gender reveal but now I’m worried to find out in front of my family and the anxiety/sadness I may have in finding out a baby girl is on the way (if that’s what my peanut is).

Our hearts are broken since we were set on the name. My husband and I don’t want to use it since they’d be first cousins, born the SAME YEAR, with the same FIRST, LAST and MOSTLY MIDDLE name.. any advice?

Do I find out separately (maybe in an appointment) to deal with my feelings in case s/he is a girl and then fake surprise at the gender reveal?