Cervical abnormalities

Guyssss i’m so stressed and worried please can someone help me😭😭

I’ve done a pap smear and the doc called me saying i have cervical abnormalities and she will tell me more details and explain it for me when i meet her on friday !!

But i’m so scared what it could be what does it mean?? I’m doing research on google and its making me panic even more!!!

The main reason showing is HPV but i only had one partner(my current bf) and we lost our virginity for each other sooo is he cheating if it’s the case “hpv?” Im so confused btw i didn’t do the cervix vaccine yet and i’m 22 plus when i did the pap smear i had at the time a severe infection(vaginal irritation, bleeding, soreness and swelling,burning..) i did a treatment and i’m fine now but before that i felt a change in my discharge(increased watery and white discharge, unfamiliar smell..) then i got the infection that lasted for 2 weeks!!

I used to have frequent utis and yeast once even tho i have a good hygiene

Do u think the repeated infection that caused this? 😭