He Bought Another Gun.. Am I over reacting?

So my boyfriend of 7 YEARS has bought another gun.. Why am I so annoyed? Well we planned on getting engaged after I graduated college it's been 2 years since I've graduated and I'm still not engaged.. Last night he told me he bought another gun ANOTHER GUN! I have expressed my desires to get engaged and I feel like he gas lights me... He has so many guns (he's a big hunter) and he does buy them with his own money but I feel like between him buying cars and guns he could just buy me a dang ring!

We have been together 7 years have 3 kids together bought a house together and both have very successful careers.. and I hate to say it but I'm really tired of seeing people get married and engaged when I feel like I should be the one getting married.. Also yes I have expressed my wants with him...

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