How much time do you spend per day breastfeeding and/or pumping?

I’m feeding on demand, but I want to make sure I’m breastfeeding/pumping enough for my supply to keep increasing at a good rate for my baby. How many hours total per 24 hours did you spend breastfeeding or pumping when your LO was about a month old?

Also wanted to add I’ve been for a few weighted feeds with a lactation consultant and my baby is only transferring about 1-1.5 oz per feed so the lactation consultant told me to supplement with pumped breast milk or formula about another oz to oz and a half if baby doesn’t seem satisfied after a feeding as that’s how much she said a baby of this age needs to eat in order to continue to gain weight. I’m stressed because I want my baby to gain weight so I’m supplementing as necessary but I’m worried that supplementing will make baby eat less overall which will hinder my supply if that makes sense.