Birth Affirmations


Hi all. I started on my birth affirmations list tonight. Thought I'd share here and ask if anyone else wants to share their favorite ones with me. ❤️


My birth. My story. My way.

I face the fire and do not burn. 

I am enough. 

Yep. This bit sucks. It will pass. 

Inhale strength. Exhale tension. 

HOPE. Hold on, pain ends.

Each surge brings my baby closer. 

Powerful and in control.

Pressure, not pain. 

The pressure is powerful, but I can handle it. 

Open and out.

I was born to do this. 

I am the power source. 

Hope is stronger than fear. 

Give everything, but up. 

I fucking got this. 

I am a link in an endless chain of birthing women. 

Just as my body knows to breathe, it knows how to birth. 

Draw strength from my contractions. 

Everything you're experiencing is preparing you for what you asked for. 

I feel the strength of all the women who came before me. 

Find your center.