Stop normalizing men’s midlife crisis

Please accept the fact whether younger or older that just because you want the kid, marriage, and the car, and the mortgage, and the dog, and the second kid, and the even bigger car and debt that falls into the other loan, then the second dog, then the third kid, doesn’t mean the guy wants the same. A lot of guys somehow get sucked into these things and as much as they love you and the kid(s) or think they do, they are numb they feel tricked, bored, scared, stressed, and resentment. They have abandoned their own needs and wants and we women tend to normalize the sudden new car, behavior, hair cut etc or the thing called midlife crisis. Please take into account what your man wants and not just what you want and think he needs.

I ran a poll on another site asking if guys would be ok not marrying you but having you as a life partner. Would be same concept as being married but without the certificate, surprising but not really, most men chose Life Partner and some even said they only got married cause their girlfriends pressured them. The ones against the life partner and upset were the women. Please remind your man that they come first, their emotional and mental health and needs always come first to them. That’s right ladies, you and your kids come second, cause how do you expect him to be fully present and take care of you when he can’t even do it for himself. Make sure he is satisfied in his life and in his career and health and is actually happy, not tolerant and numb. And this isn’t a once in a few years kid of thing, sit down and ask what he wants, what he wants to change, where does he see his life going. Does he actually want another kid or is he just giving in so you’ll shut the fuck up. Truly happy and satisfied men should not be having midlife crisis. And a lot of us aren’t to that age yet, but remember those years leading up to it impacts it all

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