So lucky to still be at home but making money

Jessica • 30, Married. Sebastián James 11.30.19. Custom at home baker/SAHM

I’m a chef, once I became pregnant I moved to manager I’d front of house to get away from the fire and heat of the kitchen mid summer, but I planned on returning as the chef after my 6 weeks was up. Since I had an unplanned c section at 37 weeks, I got 8 weeks, and then 6 more weeks of family bonding through my state of about 65-70% my normal pay.. but I do cakes and other treats on the side at home, and I’ve been blessed to have non stop orders coming in from the day I posted online that I was feeling up to doing cakes again. So I get to stay with my son indefinitely, and still make a few hundred weekly while he naps. Thank you God for giving me these talents and opportunity.

I made everything in this display, offered to assemble the tray for the client and received an unexpected $55 tip!