Had sex with boyfriend

My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. (Both of our first times) we have been dating for 10 months. He’s 26 I’m 25. (We don’t love together yet).

We waited because I wasn’t quite comfortable and I wasn’t on birth control. It kind of just happened this weekend and I told him I wanted to at least try it (it was safe sex)

Once we got things going and we tried a couple of times we got the hang of it and it finally started feeling good. I was enjoying it, but I just feel like it probably could have been better on my end. (He didn’t cum because I didn’t want him to inside of me and I didn’t cum either)

I know this is just the first time and we have plenty of more times to work on this but I guess I thought I would feel different after? And I literally didn’t. I asked if he felt different and he said no. So idk I just hope he liked it. He said it was good once we started getting into it