Possibly Pregnant?

So i went to the doctor because i was having really bad stomach cramps and he told me i had BV. I had also just started a new BC pill so i was about a week in. Well i told him I wanted to do a pregnancy test bc me and my bf don’t use protection but he pulls out but with precum, it’s possible right? and he said it was too early to tell and he wants me back on March 23 to do a test. Well i stopped taking my birth control just to be on the safe side because i’ve been nauseous and having hella headaches which isn’t normal for me. i feel like it’s all in my head though bc now my boobs are sore but once again, possibly all in my head. Well last night we had sex and there was brown flaky stuff sorta when i peed. not a lot. this morning i went to go pee and i was bleeding, not a lot but sorta like the first day of a period, i peed again just now and it wasn’t as much blood as earlier this morning and i’m not sure what it could be. i just had my period a week ago. I’m thinking either i am pregnant, it’s my birth control and my body being confused, or a miscarriage . idk. my stomach is really “ knotty “ and cramping and i feel bloated . still feeling nauseous but haven’t thrown up. so like what do y’all think?