Team green baby born at 36w 1d


36 weeks 1 day I started having contractions in the morning but they were very inconsistent I would have a couple and then not have any for an hour. They were roughly 10-15 minutes apart when I would have them. Took my son to the park walked around and played for an hour no contractions so I thought they were just going away and it was false labor. This was around 11 a.m. my husband gets home at 4 and we're talking he's about to pour himself a drink and I tell him he probably shouldn't drink anything just in case because I have been having inconsistent contractions. We both didn't think that it was real because I was only 36 weeks. He started cooking dinner and the contractions start in getting a little bit more intense in a little closer together so I was thinking maybe this is actually it but I still wasn't convinced. I tried eating dinner just had a couple bites of my chicken and rice and the contractions were getting a lot more painful so I decided to hop in the shower see if that would help calm down or speed it up at this point they were about 7 to 10 minutes apart. I get out of the shower and all of a sudden the contractions are hitting one after the next every couple minutes so I call my hospital and they tell me to just come down to check. I was scheduled for a repeat C-section on March 13th because my baby was breech and had a previous C-section only 18 months ago. My husband calls his mom because my son was already asleep for the night so she comes down and gets him and we had to the hospital by the time we leave for the hospital my contractions are now 2 minutes apart. Luckily it was 9 at night so there was tons of parking at my hospital so I didn't have to walk too far. We get into triage and the contractions are getting more intense and closer together doctor finally comes in to check me and I'm four and a half centimeters and 90% effaced it gives me the option since it is early to try for a vbac or just go for the C-section. I had a pretty traumatic first labor that ended in a C-section so I was scared but we decided to just try for the vbac since they gave me the option and baby was only 36 weeks old so it was going to be small. Good thing I chose the vbac because by the time they got my IV in they were rushing me down the hall to a labor room, my husband had texted my mom at 9:45 p.m. telling her I was in labor. They get me set up in the labor room and I have an uncontrollable urge to push. the doctor barely had time to get her gown and gloves on by the time I was pushing. One contraction my water broke, they roll me onto my back start putting my legs up and they told me the next contraction to push. One push baby's head is out, second push the rest of baby's body pops out. We didn't know the gender so it was amazing when my husband announced that it was a girl. She had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice and she was so little they took her right away to the table. They got my placenta out and I finally got to see my girl but she was all bundled up in a blanket they had to take her to the NICU. My husband followed her while they stitched me up.

I had a second degree tear.

I got my v back that I did really want, then I got an all natural unmedicated birth not by choice, she came so fast that there was no way I could get the epidural I was asking for. The worst part for me was the contractions back to back. Once she was out and placenta was out it was a huge relief minus all the stitches.

Our little girl only weighed 4 lb 5 oz and was 18 and 1/2 inches long. She spent four days in the NICU all of her vitals were great the only problem was her eating. She had a hard time latching at first but I went in every 3 hours on the DOT and tried to nurse her. my daytime nurse was the best and if it weren't for her I don't think my daughter would be eating as well as she is. now we're home and we're a family of for my 18 month old son is getting more and more interested in her and runs to her every time she cries. I was worried about bringing home another baby with my son being so young but she's adjusted really well.